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Quoting, Planning and Preparing For the Gate Installation

What will the gate look like?

How will the gate work?

What is the scope of our work?

Based on the answers to the above questions, Begley Automated Gate Systems will prepare a detailed quote for the gate, and the suitable automation equipment required. If the quote accepted by both parties, professional CAD drawings of the gate system are prepared for the client's approval.

Our company specializes in the fabrication and automation of gates and gate products. However, we can act as your project manager to ensure all other aspects meet our requirements (e.g. concrete foundations, power supply, communication wiring etc.).

Drafting Process

Here a few few examples of the work done by our professional CAD designers:

Slide Gate Site Plan

(Click Image for a larger view)

Swing Gate Site Plan

(Click Image for a larger view)

Swing gate

(Click Image for a larger view)

Residential Style Gate

(Click Image for a larger view)

Architectural Style Slide Gate

(Click Image for a larger view)

Industrial Style Slide Gate

(Click Image for a larger view)

Foundation work -- an essential investment in the future of your gate system

Whether or not masonry is part of the job, a keyed or continuous footing and foundation wall running under the driveway ensures that custom steel support posts are locked in place - all but eliminating the risk of frost heaving.

A keyed concrete foundation is more expensive than locating small single pour foundations at either side of the driveway. However, repairs made necessary by a shifting foundation are always more expensive than the cost of a keyed foundation.

Wiring and operator system accessories are never treated as after thoughts

Electrical wiring and supporting arrangements for safety accessories, control boxes and operator niches (if masonry is selected) are completed at this time to ensure a neat and aesthetically pleasing installation.


We plan your system using the utmost thought and care

Learn about our custom gate fabrication process

We install your gate, paying fine attention to detail

Testing and Training

Discover our testing and training methods

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