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Hinge Specifications

Pivot hinges are designed for smooth movement in your system over a long period of time. This worry-free method will ensures smooth gate action and will extend the lifespan of your operator system.

We use various sizes of hinges depending on the size and weight of your gate. Many of our hinge configurations are capable of handling very heavy gates and are designed to keep them swinging properly time after time.

Please see the FAC SRL site for detailed specifications at

Installation consists of welding the hinge component to the gate and gusseted support members off the main support post. The gate leaf is put into compression between the hinges, taking advantage of all the strength of the gate spine. Common barrel hinges on the other hand cause deflection of the spine resulting in sagging of the gate leaf.

  • Pivot hinges take advantage of structural properties of gate material (HSS tube) minimizing deflection of material

  • Gate is in compression

  • Once packed with grease and installed pivot hinges do not require maintenance

  • Barrel hinges attach to one side of gate causing deflection of tube
  • Wear of hinges is uneven due to uneven weight loading
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