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Questions and Answers

Q: Where do I start?


A: Start planning for your gate early in site development. Contact Begley Automated Gate Systems for help in planning your automated gate system.

Q: Why do I need a keyed foundation?


A: A keyed foundation or continuous footing and foundation wall running under the driveway keeps your gate posts and piers from shifting. This helps to avoid serious and expensive damage to gates, masonry and automation equipment.

Q: How much?


A: Gate systems prices varies according to style of gates, masonry, and type of automation selected.

Q: How long will it take?


A: A complete gate system including foundations, masonry, gates, automated and access controls can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

Q: Do hydraulic operators slow down in the winter?


A: In severe conditions you may experience a slowdown in operation. However with proper hinges (maintenance free pivot type) and special cold weather hydraulic fluid, this problem can be eliminated.

Q: Should I choose a slide gate or swing gate system?


A: Slide gate systems offer greater security, and work very well for multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Swing gates are more elegant in their operation, and offer greater safety, a reduced number of pinch points and a more effective control of operator torque.

Q: Are gate operator systems safe?


A: With proper planning and design of the gate system and the use of appropriate safety equipment (safety photocells, adjustable hydraulic operators) gate systems can be very safe.

Q: Our old gate system gives us constant headaches. What can we do to upgrade, and what are some of the new technologies you can implement?


A: Upgrading some or all of the systemís components can sometimes be achieved if the conditions are right. In some cases there can be extreme problems with the infrastructure (foundations, gates) requiring extensive and costly measures.

Q: What do I do about maintaining and servicing the gates?


A: Begley Automated Gate Systems are low-maintenance by design. However we will train you to fix minor problems and do a quick check of the system.

In some cases maintenance maybe recommended to keep your gates performing the way they should.

Q: What do I do if there is a power failure?


A: The gate systems we install have secure release mechanisms for manual operation. In some cases a battery backup option may be available.

Q: How do I protect my gate system from electrical surges?


A: We can install surge protection devices on power supplies and communication wiring. Grounding plates are also installed to reduce the chances of damage.

Q: How can I provide quick and easy access for emergency vehicles?


A: The S.O.S. system can be installed to allow quick and easy access for emergency vehicles. This system listens for the "yelp" tone or sufficient audible tone for a sufficient period of time, and automatically opens the gate.


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