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A variety of operators are available, allowing us to design a system that fits your expectations in terms of design, operation and budget.  Some factors affecting the type of operator selected are:

  • style of gate (swing or slide)

  • traffic flow through the gate (number of operations per hour)

  • weight of gate

  • aesthetics and security requirements

  • durability.

In General, for swing gates, hydraulic operator systems and hydraulic locks are an excellent choice for reliability, durability, safety and aesthetics. These types of operators offer total control over the pressure of the operators on closing, ensuring absolute safety for people (children) and livestock. However, they are powerful enough to swing very large gate leafs, through many operations per hour.

Not all operator systems require dedicated power supplies. Regarding pad mount operators, each operator requires its own circuit. Surge protection equipment should be installed on main power supply to panel to protect against surges due to lightning strikes and other causes.

Begley Automated Gate Systems is an authorized dealer of electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical operators to meet the specifications of various gate systems (i.e. swing arm, sliding and in-ground concealed). Regardless of the choice of operator, several features are available including:

  • Automatic / Semi-automatic modes of operation.

  • Safety photocells to prevent gates closing on obstacles.

  • Free-exit loop detectors comes with the in-ground magnetic loop (detects approaching vehicles and automatically opens gate)

  • Remote control transmitters (can be programmed for overhead doors).

  • Manual operation during power outage.

  • SOS emergency opening system activated by emergency vehicle siren.

  •   *  Pad mounted gear reduced operator for unlimited number of operations per hour.  Full system battery backup available.

    *  Heavy industrial duty slide gate operator.


    Learn about our various operators systems
    Access Controls

    Our access control systems provide greater control

    Safety Devices

    Discover our safety equipment

    Surge Protection

    Avoid disaster with surge protection



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