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Access Controls

Careful consideration should be given, early in the planning stages, as to how the gate system will work so that appropriate equipment can be installed. For example, will the gate work in semi-automatic mode (signal to open, signal to close) or automatic mode (signal to open, gate closes automatically on a timer). Fully automatic systems provide the greatest security, but do raise issues as to how visitors will gain entry, and exit the property.

Telephone access systems provide a convenient way to screen visitors on control gate operations (open, hold open, open automatically at designated times, open with valid code entered at keypad), especially when equipped with a pin hole camera. Surge protection should be installed on all telephone lines.

For the owner a hand held transmitter provides the most secure way to enter and exit through the gate. Codes transmitted by 'Security+’ transmitters can’t be ‘grabbed’ by specialized equipment used by thieves. Exiting the property can be done with a loop free-exit loop in the driveway, a keypad and code, or remote activation of gate by owner.

Another important question is how will emergency vehicles gain access (Police, Fire, Ambulance). Special sound activated emergency gate opening equipment is available to automatically open gates for emergency vehicles.


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Access Controls

Our access control systems provide greater control

Safety Devices

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Surge Protection

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